Thursday, 29 April 2010

Annalynne Mccord

I have been pretty much obsessed with 90210 and have been fixed to the TV. I have to say my favourite character would have to Naomi Clark who is a bitchy rich girl but she is soo entertaining to watch! She is played by a 22 year old actress Annalynne Mccord who is most known for her role in 90210. She has also been in various other tv programmes such as Nip tuck and appeared in transporter 2.

She is also a big helper with charity work and is involved in various charities and is the Goodwill Ambassador for the Blind Project. Annalynne and her 2 sisters also created there own clothing line called "The Sister 3" and donated all the money to charity.

She is also involved in a lot of charity work for Haiti and was there helping those who were affected by the disaster. She has also ceated a twitter page to help the cause- Annalynne's Twitter

She is also involved in a organisation in America called Acne Heros as she has suffered from acne from a young age and is doing everything possible to help pass on her secrets to healthy looking skin, which she certainly does have! Here is an article where she discusses her beauty secrets- Annalynne Beauty secrets

I think she is incredibly beautiful and i think it is great that she is passing on her beauty tips to all the younger girls out there that have difficulty with breakouts and bad skin.:)

Even better there is going to be a season 3 of 90210 next year which i cant wait for! :)

And if you can be more jealous of her she is dating Kellan Lutz who co-starred with her in the first series of 90210 and is more known as Emmett from Twilight/New moon!

Anyway that was just a wee post on who im finding quite interesting just now :) I suppose i have a bit of a girl crush for her haha

What do you think of her? And have you got any girl crushes?

Lots of love Cat xxx


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Moisturisers :)

I have recently purchased two new moisturizers which i love love love :D

I have combination oily skin so i tent to break out on my T-Zone which irritates me oh so much! 

So these are the lovely moisturisers i have purchased :)

MAC Oil Control Lotion

This is great for applying under my make-up in the morning! It gives your shiny areas a very matte finish which i love and it definitely makes my make up stay in place! The downsides of this is that the bottle doesnt hold very much and it is quite drying on the skin as it controls the amount of oil on your skin, thats why i also purchased-

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra

After purchasing this, honestly i don't think i could live with out this! It transforms your skin instantly and makes it soooo soft! I love it! As i apply the oil control lotion in the morning i apply this after a show and before i go to bed. It is also oil free which is another upside to it for people with oily skin. When i got it i honestly thought that it was a tiny pot of moisturiser and it wouldn't last me but a tiny bit covers the whole face so me was one happy girl :) This product is more of a gel than a moisturiser so it sinks into the skin really quickly which is another benefit! I would honestly recommend this to anyone!

I have really been getting into my oil free products just now to calm my skin down, if there is any products that you girlies would recommend to me please feel free, i could do with the help! :)

Have any of you girls tried these moisturisers? What do you think of them?

Lots of Love Cat xxx


Sunday, 4 April 2010

Blogging and Twittering :)

 Well in my Last post i was soo confused with Twitter but i have finally got the hang of it and i am loving it! Its great to tweet with you guys and see what your all up too :D
Any way if you have Twitter it would be great if we could follow each other :) - Goldielocksx

Another Thing was I havent been blogging in agges! I have been back home spending time with my family and have been working and time just seems to be running away! So Soon enough i will be doing some new blog posts :D 

Anyway Im off for now and i hope i Can tweet with you girls soon :)