Sunday, 31 January 2010

My new make-up box and brushes =)

A wee while ago i purchased this amazing make-up case! i am in love with it! Its pink which i love and it holds a fair amount too. I bought it off amazon at Beauty Box and i am so glad i did! I love everything about it!

 This is what it looks like inside with some of my make-up-


It looks pretty messy but its easy enough for me to get what i need when i use it in the morning etc. As you can see it holds a fair amount. It is not huge so it would be easy enough to carry around somewhere if you needed to take al your make-up some where. I would recommend anyone getting this, and it comes in other colours if pink doesnt suit you.
Well i bought them... i bought those make up brushes from AOFM that i was debating over and am i glad i did! They are well worth the money and such good quality which i was worrying about! I have yet to use all 24 brushes but i am definitely getting there! I am so happy i bough these and i know i will have them for a fair amount of time =)
There are other brushes that i have added to the case...

New Models Own Polishes

 I purchased a few new nail polishes last week from Models Own. I love this brand and already own 15 or so colours which are in a previous post. They have so many colours and i love these!
The colours from left to right- 
Purple Mystique
Turkish Delight
Purple Rain
Matt Black
Magenta Divine

I really do love these and they aren't expensive. I have ordered more today too and cant wait to try them out =) 


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Tag, Happy 101!

 I got Tagged buy a lovely fellow Scottish gal, Suzi for the Happy 101 tag- Thank you hun =) 

What to do is write 10 things that you love and then pass the tag onto 10 fellow bloggers... sounds easy peasey =) 
So Here we go...

Family-   I absolutely love my family and would do anything for them! I dont get to see them all the time as i live away from home but speak to my mum every day. 
They are always very happy with how i am doing and always look out for me and my mum is like a sister and best friend to me, she knows everything! - which i think is nice to have a relationship like that! I am also planning on moving in with my little brother after the summer which  i am looking forward too =) 

Friends- My friends are my world and would trust them with my life! I love spending time with them and having girly days/ weekends and having lots of giggles.

Music- I cannot go a day without listening to music, it completes my day and gives me a boost first thing in the morning when i am getting ready. I feel that music can make you feel better when your low and how much a song can relate to an issue your goin through is amazing. 

My Hair- I love looking after it and try lots of different products on it, im obsessed with it being soft haha. And  love visiting the hairdressers =)

Make up- I never leave my flat with no make up on, i have very light lashes so i at least leave with mascara. I love putting on make up and experimenting, you feel like a totally different person with it on. Its like my security blanket, i feel good in it. 

My phone- Its attached to me at all times, I feel lost without it if i leave it at home. 

Photos- Memories are the best thing you can have and photos are the best way of capturing it. Sometimes i can be a bit camera friendly but i have lots of good pictures to show for it. 

Cristiano Ronaldo- He's my little piece of eye candy =) 

My Puppy- I love her to bits! even though she lives at home with my parents i get lots of pictures to see how much she is growing. Really do miss her and cant wait to see the ball of fluff soon =) 

Shopping- I am addicted to shopping, im like Becky Bloomingdale from confessions of a shopaholic- No joke! Shopping makes me very happy and if i have money, i spend it! I lovethe feeling of coming home with something you cant wait to wear on your next night out... 

Here are the bloggers i have tagged-
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Hope you all take part and sorry if you have already been tagged..xox

I really enjoyed doing this =) 


MAC Buys ♥

 Mineralize Skin Finish In Candlelight
I went into mac looking for a highlighter and came out with this! I love it! You really dont need a lot to give your face a sheen and i end to use it on my brow bone and over my blusher. I really do love it and my flat mate noticed it straight away. I feel it gives your cheeks a bit of a lift and a natural glow which is always nice =) 
I would recommend this to anyone who wants a glow to the cheeks...

Liquid Last Liner 
This is another great product! I use liquid eye liner most days as it volumizes your lashes which i love and i find it hard to find one that stays on as black as it was when you apply it and this certainly does. It is also a waterproof liner which is great for y as i have sensitive eyes and tend to water if its windy, so this is great for keeping it all in place =) It is easy to apply, although i would like it to have a firmer applicator to it. But overall a great buy! 

Eye Brow Pencil in Fling 
I have been using an eye brow pencil for about a year now and i really cant complete my make up wit out it. I completely finishes your look and makes your brows look more in shape, especially when you have light brows like myself. This applys really easily and doesnt look too dark and give you obviously filled in brows. Only a little is needed to fill in the brows too so it is lasting me a long time. 
I really do love all these products i have bought and getting myself a nice wee MAC collection  =)


Lush Coco Lotion

 I am 100% in love with this product! I use it everyday and my skin feels amazing! I use it all over my skin and it feels great. It is really soft and feels air whipped which makes it glide on really smoothly. I have only been using it the past few weeks but i have been told it is good as a after sun so i think i will continue to use it well into the summer... i just hope its nice and sunny in Scotland! It can also be used as a hand moisuriser too but i tend to use helping hands by lush which i adore too. I am totally addicted to moisturizer and try lots of different ones out but this is certainly one i will be using again!


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mac Studio Fix SPF 15

I bought this wonderful product by MAC a few days ago and used it today and Oh My God it is the best foundation i have used before!! I love it! It glides onto your skin so easily and has amazing cover to your skin. I really do love it. It also has SPF 15 in it too to protect your skin from the sun (not that scotland has much at the moment haha) and to keep you from getting wrinkles as you get older which i do everything to prevent!  My cousin recommended it to me as she uses it too, and thank goodness she did. You really dont need a lot of the product for a good coverage either and it can also be built up for a better coverage if need be. I really do love this and will definitely be using it again! 

Monday, 18 January 2010

RedHeads... Florence Welch, Nicola Roberts and Rachelle Lefevre

I am totally loving the hair!! Being a red had myself i love those girls that emphasize their red hair as much as possible and i totally love how Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine does this! She has amazing long, big (volumized) bright red hair and its great to see this! Red hair definitely seems to be seen more these days, well i seem to be seeing it more anyway. So many more actresses and singers are making it a statement to them, look at Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, She used to be ashamed of the red hair and now she cant go red enough! And she's more beautiful than ever!  And i love how she makes her red hair and fair skin her statement and dresses to suit and compliment her.

Another girl i love to see just now is Rachelle Lefevre who plays Victoria is the Twilight/New Moon saga. I was actually mesmerized by her hair in New moon, it definitely looked more red in the second movie, but it just looked so beautiful with these massive red curls, and she has soo much hair! I personally think she is beautiful!
So yeah, i just wanted to share a wee blog of the redheads out there that i idolize who show their red hair with pride, I think that it looks great, i used to be so ashamed of it, but now the older i get them more compliments i get and i dress in colour that emphasize the colour and i now love it because us redheads look different and can look quite attractive =)


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spend or not to spend?

When i see something i like i have to have it! Especially when it comes to make up and anything girlie related. I was looking at website's earlier and came across this AMAZING brush set. This is a 24 piece brush set that cost £100!! They are professional brushes and usually if you want to get professional brushes they cost £20 upwards for a decent brush so i think this is great value! Only thing is i am abit short for rent money for march and april and i really dont know if i should buy the brushes that will last me forever hopefully or use the money towards my rent?

What do you girls think?? Please help me out, my brain is pickled and dont know ahhh!
This is the brush set im soo tempted of


Our Puppy... :)

This is our beautiful little puppy! Her name is Cheyenne and this is a picture of her te day we got her, she was sooo tiny! 

And this is a picture of her 4 weeks later at christmas, she certainly did grow, she actually looks like a puppy now! She's a little monkey and likes to use her teeth a lot (her teeth are very sharp!) But she is very cute and love her to bits.
Just thought i would share with you my favourite little thing in the world :D


Thursday, 14 January 2010

MAC Spree :)

I have never shopped at Mac before and my god- what have i been missing out on!? I LOVE IT! I have heard so much about it so i thought, im going to try this out for myself. I bought 5 things and well worth the money!
These are the items i bought-
  • MAC eye shadow pallet. I absolutely love these colours, they are amazing! I went in looking for eye shadows not knowing the amount of colours i could choose from! As i have red hair i bough colours that compliment my colouring and my eye colour at the same time and these work a treat. They are really pigmented and last forever and you dont need a lot of colour on the brush to make an effect. starting from Left to right i will tell the colours- A19- rice paper - A88- Soft brown - A59- Sable - A49- Brown Down. 
  •  Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (left) and Studio sculpt concealer in NC20 (right) I love both of these products, they really do work as they say! The paint pot gives a base to eye shadows to keep they on longer or just to use it as a nude base on the lid, either way its great! It really does give a flawless look to the lid and keep the shadow secure without fall out. The studio sculpt concealer is a life saver! I have always used good concealer from the clinique concealer i used before (which is also great) but as i sometimes get blemishes i love this as they really do get covered with the right application. The only problem i have with this is that with too much application it can look quite 'cakey' so only a smooth, small application is needed to cover blemishes or dark circles under the eye. But other than that a great products and certainly a product i will re- purchase. 

  •  MAC Powder Blush in Melba Matte. This is a product i have been longing for! I have pretty much always used bronze or shimmer on my cheeks so i really needed a product that would suit my skin tone, Achieved!! Its great, and goes on smoothly, you dont need a lot and makes you look all rosy cheeked when applied to the apple of your cheeks. I have been using this for the past week, sometimes more than once a day if im going out and it hasn't even made an indent in the powder, you couldnt tell iv touched it. Its great!
  •  MAC prep and Prime- Skin base visage. Having problems with your make-up coming off during the day?- This is for you!  I have the type of skin that make up just seems to wash off during the day and it drives me looney. So i thought i would do myself a favour and invest in this amazing product, I dont want to sound like im repeating myself but this really is great for keeping make up in place and it saves on applying more product during the day which is a bonus too! Really really do love this and will continue to apply this every morning before i apply my make up :) 
  •  MAC 224 blending brush- As i have recently started getting into wearing shadows more often, i invested in this brush to ensure it looks blended and not patchy. It takes quite a lot of blending to achieve that but it looks good when it is done. Really love this brush and will definitely buy more brushes from MAC

Happy Birthday Fi :)

This Post has nothing to do with Beauty etc, other than spending 4 hours to get ready for the night ahead of us, but anyway i just wanted to with my best mate Fiona a happy 19th birthday. We went to a pub called wetherspoons at the beginning of the night, all dressed up in heels and dresses ( i must have been about 6'2" with the heels on!! I got a number of comments...) and had some cocktails and met her other friends, and then we went to a night club which was fab! One of the best nights iv had out in a while, just got a lot of banter and it was fun fun fun :D We got rather drunk and fell over a number of times (haha) but isn't that what friends birthdays are all about!?! Anyway Was a great night :).. SO Happy Birthday Hun!
This is a pic of us at the more beginning of the night ...

A silly question?

As i have only recently started a blog a few weeks ago i am still getting used to how it all works, but I have no idea how to check comments rather than scrolling through all my posts- or is that the only way to do it? I'm wondering if there is a 'check comments' button and im just not seeing it? Any help would be grateful girlies :D


Monday, 11 January 2010

Lush Haul...

I went into Lush on thursday as part of my shopping trip and get some small bits and pieces. Lush Also has a great deal on at the moment which i was un aware of and got some free goodies :D These are some of the things i picked up-

Helping hands moisturiser- This is a god send! There is nothing worse than dry skin and this really does the trick for dry tired hands. It is enriched with Linseed oil, almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. The smell is lovely and really does work wonders! I only bought it on thursday and have used about half of it already!- Just wish it came in a bigger bottle. But other than that a definite re-purchase!

Mask of Magnaminty- I have heard a lot about this product and a lot of people have told me how good it is. It had peppermint in it so it feels very tingly and fresh on your skin which i loved as you could feel it working on your skin. My best friend and i both tried in out on thursday night while watching rubbish on tv and joked about having  a green paste on our skin :D It dries well onto your skin and warmer water needs to be used to remove it all from your skin. After a day i wasnt very happy with this product as i broke out on my forehead :( i was totally gutted! But my friend was fine so it must have had something to do with the sensitivity of my skin. I will try it again in a few weeks and see if i have the same results. This product did clean my skin well and left it very soft on the good side.

Snow Fairy Hair and body wash- I only bought this product to get my money up to enough to get my free gift and i am so glad i did! It smells divine and makes your skin so soft! I was only able to get the smaller bottle but fingers crossed i will be able to get a larger one next time i venture into Lush :)

Honey Trap lip balm- My lips have really suffered from the cold weather this year and this is great! The best way i can describe it is like a hard oil and it goes on your lips thinly as it heats up from your fingers. It smells great which is a bonus and really does do tricks, my dry lips are all gone :)

 King of Skins- I have never seen anything like this before and what a discovery! It is used in the shower as a moisturiser, so simple and rubbing over your skin in the shower, wash it off and soft skin! I love this! I am big on moisturising, pretty obsessed actually and this is great for when your in a rush or cant be bothered with the whole body moisturising after the shower. I just totally love this! I hate dry skin and this sorts that problem!

These are the great wee freebies i got from lush- there is a selection of 4 bath bombs, which all smell great and look like they can do well for a relaxing bathe. Unfortunately i dont have a bath in the flat im in, so they will definitely be brought out when i have access to one! Cant wait to use them...

Get yourselves over to Lush and find some treats to pamper yourselves with! :)xxx

Beauty buys...

I went on a fairly large shopping trip for beauty products on Thursday and picked me up some great things! I firstly bought some polishes for my nails. As i mentioned in a previous blog i have found it extremely difficult to grow my nails so i invested in some products which i have been told are good!-
OPI start to finish polish- This is a base coat and top coat all wrapped into one. :) its great! OPI is well renowned for having good products so i thought i would try it out. It gives a fantastic sheen to the nail and stops polishes from cracking, its fantastic! A well pleased with buy! :D
Secondly i got the Maybelline salon manicure which helps is for strength wear and shine- again a great product and is certainly strengthening my nails! I wear this in between a top and bottom coat of the OPI.

Next i went to John lewis and Picked up mu Clinique moisturizers. These products are wonderful and will continue to use them as long as they are sold! They really do make a difference to your skin- soft supple and fight back those nasty blemishes! The dramatically different moisturizer is great for a 'dewy' look to your skin and really does make it look great.

Worth the buy! xxx

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Two great bargains!

I went into Superdrug today and really got a great bargain for my money! I was looking for an eye shadow palette as i am really getting into eyeshadows these days and like having lots of colours and i came across this wonderful palette by SLEEK. It has 12 mineral based eyeshadows in  the palette and they are great! They are really pigmented for the price of the pallet- 4.95!! It has various shades of brown, Pinks and greens- perfect for my hair and skin tone! It is most definately worth popping into Superdrug and spending that on the palette!

I also looked for a white eye liner and i got this great one by GOSH. It is a Khol liner and it glides on so easily! I use the liner on my water line to give the effect that my eyes look bigger- great trick! It was more about the same price as the palette or just Under at 4.50. So i got two great products for less than 10 pounds! Now that is my kind of shopping :)


My Favourite Everyday Products

I absolutely love getting up in the morning and putting my make up on, it can look different everyday and so many things can be done on a day to day basis. I love looking after my hair and nails also so here are some of the things i like to use...


I am a massive fan of clinique, it is so good to your skin an d all the dermatologists give you things that suit your skin type and they test you most times you buy a new skin product. These are the main products i use-

  • The Dramatically different moisturizing gel- Fantastic, leaves your skin soo soft!
  • Eye make up remover
  • Eye Cream- I like to know the wrinkles are at bay
  • Anti blemish solutions- Face wash, clarifying lotion and moisturizer (absolute life saver! really do work to reduce blemishes)
  • Rinse off foaming cleanser- Great for removing Make up
I also love their make up products and their brushes, i have been using this for over a year now and never had any problems with the products what so ever! The foundation and concealer really does make a difference with your skin, and i just love the other products!

  • Eye brow pencil in 01 soft blond
  • Vitamin C Lip smoothie 07 Rhubarbie
  • Liquid eyeliner in Black
  • Loose powder in 02 invisible blend
  • Concealer shade 02 light
  • Foundation shade 02
  • Blush 01 peony
  • Bronzer x2 01 light/medium
  • Lip stick  17 rosette
 Also my range of Clinique make up brushes-


I love to look after my hair so i spend a bit more on hair products so i know im getting good protection. This is a few Redken products that i use-

  • Ringlet 07- This stuff is wonderful! It is a serum used to keep curls in and it works like a treat. I have naturally curly hair so i use this product alot along with-
  • Fresh Curls-  this is a curl refiner and it de-frizzes curls and is alot great! 
  • Real control conditioner- No this stuff is magic! It totally transforms your hair and replenishes dry hair and smells fantastic too as it had added shea butter. The Mask is fairly expensive but is great if you need to get some life back into you head of hair!
  • Extreme Iron repair- great for straightening along with-
  • Ultra- straight balm- both work wonderfully together!
  • 15 Spray starch- this is a heat memory styler and is great for straightening also. 
  • Extreme CAT- this is a protein reconstructiong treatment for distressed hair which is great for getting protein back into your hair especially if you use heat products on it. 
Nail Polishes

I love love love Models own and OPI! They are both fantastic nail polishes and work like a treat! both brands come in a wide variety of great colours and actually last on your nails! I have had a hard time with my nails and they break so easily so I have recently started wearing nail polishes to help grow them! I found out this trick by Imogen at Foxy Locks Hair extensions- if your not a member of her blog yet you should be!-
Anyway these are great products and certainly worth the money if you want pretty long nails :)

Well I hope some of these products have interested you, i strongly recommend any of them! they really are fantastic! :) xxx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Proper Introduction...

Hey Guys...
Well i am very new to this and i suppose this should have really been my first blog, but oh well.. :)
Well to tell you a little bit about me, My Name is Catriona, im 19 and i'm from Scotland. I am currently a hospitality management student but going on to do a beauty course after the summer- i cant wait! But i love anything that makes you look good and will do a lot to find that out and the right information too! I spend most of my time with my best mate who is equally obsessed with beauty as i am- so no doubt she will be mentioned in my blog from time to time.

I have red hair which i try to use to my advantage as often as possible... i know what your thinking-Why? But its my strongest feature, and hey i look different. I love to look after my hair and use different products all the time so hopefully i can give you all ideas on things which i like. So what im going to do in this blog is try give some beauty tips i know or find out and give some for those other redheads that had to learn the hard way of what looks good and what doesn't! Don't worry iv done my research! I am very interested in the Classic make up looks such as Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe, but i love all make up and anything that makes you a girly girl! :)
Im also going to try do clothes hauls and little things like that, and its a lot of fun for me to be shopping and showing off what iv bought :)

I have been watching a lot of beauty guru's on youtube which i love and i give me the courage i suppose to do this myself and tell people about some of the stuff i know- i think i will find this very enjoyable over time.

Anyway i hope you all enjoy my blog... i can see this getting addictive!
Speak to you all soon xxx

My best friend Fiona and I x

Saturday, 2 January 2010

New to blogger and a Happy New Year!!

Well I have been introduced to the world of blogger! 2010 has just started and I can see this being something I will very much enjoy! I love everything girl and beauty and will love to share everything i know with other girls out there and hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks myself :) anyway I hope i can get used to this and short my page out. Hope you all had a fantastic new year and will hopefully get to speak to some of you soon! :) x x