Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Proper Introduction...

Hey Guys...
Well i am very new to this and i suppose this should have really been my first blog, but oh well.. :)
Well to tell you a little bit about me, My Name is Catriona, im 19 and i'm from Scotland. I am currently a hospitality management student but going on to do a beauty course after the summer- i cant wait! But i love anything that makes you look good and will do a lot to find that out and the right information too! I spend most of my time with my best mate who is equally obsessed with beauty as i am- so no doubt she will be mentioned in my blog from time to time.

I have red hair which i try to use to my advantage as often as possible... i know what your thinking-Why? But its my strongest feature, and hey i look different. I love to look after my hair and use different products all the time so hopefully i can give you all ideas on things which i like. So what im going to do in this blog is try give some beauty tips i know or find out and give some for those other redheads that had to learn the hard way of what looks good and what doesn't! Don't worry iv done my research! I am very interested in the Classic make up looks such as Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe, but i love all make up and anything that makes you a girly girl! :)
Im also going to try do clothes hauls and little things like that, and its a lot of fun for me to be shopping and showing off what iv bought :)

I have been watching a lot of beauty guru's on youtube which i love and i give me the courage i suppose to do this myself and tell people about some of the stuff i know- i think i will find this very enjoyable over time.

Anyway i hope you all enjoy my blog... i can see this getting addictive!
Speak to you all soon xxx

My best friend Fiona and I x

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