Monday, 11 January 2010

Lush Haul...

I went into Lush on thursday as part of my shopping trip and get some small bits and pieces. Lush Also has a great deal on at the moment which i was un aware of and got some free goodies :D These are some of the things i picked up-

Helping hands moisturiser- This is a god send! There is nothing worse than dry skin and this really does the trick for dry tired hands. It is enriched with Linseed oil, almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. The smell is lovely and really does work wonders! I only bought it on thursday and have used about half of it already!- Just wish it came in a bigger bottle. But other than that a definite re-purchase!

Mask of Magnaminty- I have heard a lot about this product and a lot of people have told me how good it is. It had peppermint in it so it feels very tingly and fresh on your skin which i loved as you could feel it working on your skin. My best friend and i both tried in out on thursday night while watching rubbish on tv and joked about having  a green paste on our skin :D It dries well onto your skin and warmer water needs to be used to remove it all from your skin. After a day i wasnt very happy with this product as i broke out on my forehead :( i was totally gutted! But my friend was fine so it must have had something to do with the sensitivity of my skin. I will try it again in a few weeks and see if i have the same results. This product did clean my skin well and left it very soft on the good side.

Snow Fairy Hair and body wash- I only bought this product to get my money up to enough to get my free gift and i am so glad i did! It smells divine and makes your skin so soft! I was only able to get the smaller bottle but fingers crossed i will be able to get a larger one next time i venture into Lush :)

Honey Trap lip balm- My lips have really suffered from the cold weather this year and this is great! The best way i can describe it is like a hard oil and it goes on your lips thinly as it heats up from your fingers. It smells great which is a bonus and really does do tricks, my dry lips are all gone :)

 King of Skins- I have never seen anything like this before and what a discovery! It is used in the shower as a moisturiser, so simple and rubbing over your skin in the shower, wash it off and soft skin! I love this! I am big on moisturising, pretty obsessed actually and this is great for when your in a rush or cant be bothered with the whole body moisturising after the shower. I just totally love this! I hate dry skin and this sorts that problem!

These are the great wee freebies i got from lush- there is a selection of 4 bath bombs, which all smell great and look like they can do well for a relaxing bathe. Unfortunately i dont have a bath in the flat im in, so they will definitely be brought out when i have access to one! Cant wait to use them...

Get yourselves over to Lush and find some treats to pamper yourselves with! :)xxx

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