Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spend or not to spend?

When i see something i like i have to have it! Especially when it comes to make up and anything girlie related. I was looking at website's earlier and came across this AMAZING brush set. This is a 24 piece brush set that cost £100!! They are professional brushes and usually if you want to get professional brushes they cost £20 upwards for a decent brush so i think this is great value! Only thing is i am abit short for rent money for march and april and i really dont know if i should buy the brushes that will last me forever hopefully or use the money towards my rent?

What do you girls think?? Please help me out, my brain is pickled and dont know ahhh!
This is the brush set im soo tempted of



  1. Ooh that's quite tricky! The sensible part of me says pay your rent but I'd be tempted as well!

    I saw someone else talk about those brushes on their blog too, can't remember who though x

  2. hey chick, these brushes will still be around in a couple of months! They do look fab and I've heard great things about them, but they can wait! xx