Monday, 18 January 2010

RedHeads... Florence Welch, Nicola Roberts and Rachelle Lefevre

I am totally loving the hair!! Being a red had myself i love those girls that emphasize their red hair as much as possible and i totally love how Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine does this! She has amazing long, big (volumized) bright red hair and its great to see this! Red hair definitely seems to be seen more these days, well i seem to be seeing it more anyway. So many more actresses and singers are making it a statement to them, look at Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, She used to be ashamed of the red hair and now she cant go red enough! And she's more beautiful than ever!  And i love how she makes her red hair and fair skin her statement and dresses to suit and compliment her.

Another girl i love to see just now is Rachelle Lefevre who plays Victoria is the Twilight/New Moon saga. I was actually mesmerized by her hair in New moon, it definitely looked more red in the second movie, but it just looked so beautiful with these massive red curls, and she has soo much hair! I personally think she is beautiful!
So yeah, i just wanted to share a wee blog of the redheads out there that i idolize who show their red hair with pride, I think that it looks great, i used to be so ashamed of it, but now the older i get them more compliments i get and i dress in colour that emphasize the colour and i now love it because us redheads look different and can look quite attractive =)



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  4. All very beautiful, but the las one has to be the best hair. It's beautiful. Wanna follow my blog, please do :) xxx