Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy Birthday Fi :)

This Post has nothing to do with Beauty etc, other than spending 4 hours to get ready for the night ahead of us, but anyway i just wanted to with my best mate Fiona a happy 19th birthday. We went to a pub called wetherspoons at the beginning of the night, all dressed up in heels and dresses ( i must have been about 6'2" with the heels on!! I got a number of comments...) and had some cocktails and met her other friends, and then we went to a night club which was fab! One of the best nights iv had out in a while, just got a lot of banter and it was fun fun fun :D We got rather drunk and fell over a number of times (haha) but isn't that what friends birthdays are all about!?! Anyway Was a great night :).. SO Happy Birthday Hun!
This is a pic of us at the more beginning of the night ...

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