Thursday, 14 January 2010

MAC Spree :)

I have never shopped at Mac before and my god- what have i been missing out on!? I LOVE IT! I have heard so much about it so i thought, im going to try this out for myself. I bought 5 things and well worth the money!
These are the items i bought-
  • MAC eye shadow pallet. I absolutely love these colours, they are amazing! I went in looking for eye shadows not knowing the amount of colours i could choose from! As i have red hair i bough colours that compliment my colouring and my eye colour at the same time and these work a treat. They are really pigmented and last forever and you dont need a lot of colour on the brush to make an effect. starting from Left to right i will tell the colours- A19- rice paper - A88- Soft brown - A59- Sable - A49- Brown Down. 
  •  Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (left) and Studio sculpt concealer in NC20 (right) I love both of these products, they really do work as they say! The paint pot gives a base to eye shadows to keep they on longer or just to use it as a nude base on the lid, either way its great! It really does give a flawless look to the lid and keep the shadow secure without fall out. The studio sculpt concealer is a life saver! I have always used good concealer from the clinique concealer i used before (which is also great) but as i sometimes get blemishes i love this as they really do get covered with the right application. The only problem i have with this is that with too much application it can look quite 'cakey' so only a smooth, small application is needed to cover blemishes or dark circles under the eye. But other than that a great products and certainly a product i will re- purchase. 

  •  MAC Powder Blush in Melba Matte. This is a product i have been longing for! I have pretty much always used bronze or shimmer on my cheeks so i really needed a product that would suit my skin tone, Achieved!! Its great, and goes on smoothly, you dont need a lot and makes you look all rosy cheeked when applied to the apple of your cheeks. I have been using this for the past week, sometimes more than once a day if im going out and it hasn't even made an indent in the powder, you couldnt tell iv touched it. Its great!
  •  MAC prep and Prime- Skin base visage. Having problems with your make-up coming off during the day?- This is for you!  I have the type of skin that make up just seems to wash off during the day and it drives me looney. So i thought i would do myself a favour and invest in this amazing product, I dont want to sound like im repeating myself but this really is great for keeping make up in place and it saves on applying more product during the day which is a bonus too! Really really do love this and will continue to apply this every morning before i apply my make up :) 
  •  MAC 224 blending brush- As i have recently started getting into wearing shadows more often, i invested in this brush to ensure it looks blended and not patchy. It takes quite a lot of blending to achieve that but it looks good when it is done. Really love this brush and will definitely buy more brushes from MAC


  1. Fab haul hun!! I have Painterly and I love it, and those eyeshadows look gorgeous xxx

  2. I heard Mac is good I have not really used it. I currently use Benfit now but may dabble in some Mac. Nice selection.

  3. Great haul!!
    If you watch Youtube you'll realise that most of the guru's use MAC!!!
    Sable is such a gorgeous colour.. And studiosculpt concealor is quite good, I have the NC20 shade aswell!
    You have great taste in MAC makeup :) x