Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Two great bargains!

I went into Superdrug today and really got a great bargain for my money! I was looking for an eye shadow palette as i am really getting into eyeshadows these days and like having lots of colours and i came across this wonderful palette by SLEEK. It has 12 mineral based eyeshadows in  the palette and they are great! They are really pigmented for the price of the pallet- 4.95!! It has various shades of brown, Pinks and greens- perfect for my hair and skin tone! It is most definately worth popping into Superdrug and spending that on the palette!

I also looked for a white eye liner and i got this great one by GOSH. It is a Khol liner and it glides on so easily! I use the liner on my water line to give the effect that my eyes look bigger- great trick! It was more about the same price as the palette or just Under at 4.50. So i got two great products for less than 10 pounds! Now that is my kind of shopping :)


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