Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Girls Behind The Blogs... ♥

Hey Girls,

So i thought i would do a post to let you all know who i'm loving in the blogging world just now.
As i mentioned in my last post, i have been out of blogging for a year now and these girls are the reason i found the inspiration to get my act together and get my blog re-vamped and up and running again.

Most of these girls also do YouTube videos too so i will link their blogs as well as there channels.

Selina from- and

Karris from- and

Hiedi from-  and

Jessica from- and

and last but not least

Jade from-

I love these girls, check out there channels and blogs if you haven't already and you will see what i mean :)

Take it easy girls

Love Cat xxx


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Who let the Cat back In..? I'm Back!

Hey Ladies! Long time no speak!!
So... It has been a year since my last blog post and i am so so ashamed with myself! Blogging was always something i enjoyed but was something i fell out of! Shame on me!

Well i am back!!

After many exhausting hours trying to figure out how to re-vamp my blog, i have finally managed to achieve something that i think is maybe reasonable enough to be called a blog!
I have lots and lots of blog posts that i plan to do in the near future and i'll hopefully have no excuses to stop me from doing them!

I thought i would do a wee update as to what has been going on with me over the past year... not a great deal to be honest! I have only recently graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Management which i am oh so chuffed about! I wont have much time out of education though as i have applied and been accepted for a beauty course here in Glasgow- I know what your thinking "that's a bit of a career change is it not?!" Well yes it is! Hospitality is all i know and all iv ever worked in and i want to do something totally new! I love all things beauty so why not go on to do something in that path?
I moved flats last year from student accommodation into my own flat who i share with my younger brother as he has moved from our home town in the north of Scotland to study in Glasgow. And i cannot tell you how much i love it compared to student accommodation!
To be fair i think that is the biggest changes in my life over the past year other than a new job etc but so far 2011 has been a good year for me and i hope it caries on that way!

Anyway hope iv not bored you too much with my rambling.

Hope to speak to some of you soon!

Love, Cat xxx