Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Favourite Everyday Products

I absolutely love getting up in the morning and putting my make up on, it can look different everyday and so many things can be done on a day to day basis. I love looking after my hair and nails also so here are some of the things i like to use...


I am a massive fan of clinique, it is so good to your skin an d all the dermatologists give you things that suit your skin type and they test you most times you buy a new skin product. These are the main products i use-

  • The Dramatically different moisturizing gel- Fantastic, leaves your skin soo soft!
  • Eye make up remover
  • Eye Cream- I like to know the wrinkles are at bay
  • Anti blemish solutions- Face wash, clarifying lotion and moisturizer (absolute life saver! really do work to reduce blemishes)
  • Rinse off foaming cleanser- Great for removing Make up
I also love their make up products and their brushes, i have been using this for over a year now and never had any problems with the products what so ever! The foundation and concealer really does make a difference with your skin, and i just love the other products!

  • Eye brow pencil in 01 soft blond
  • Vitamin C Lip smoothie 07 Rhubarbie
  • Liquid eyeliner in Black
  • Loose powder in 02 invisible blend
  • Concealer shade 02 light
  • Foundation shade 02
  • Blush 01 peony
  • Bronzer x2 01 light/medium
  • Lip stick  17 rosette
 Also my range of Clinique make up brushes-


I love to look after my hair so i spend a bit more on hair products so i know im getting good protection. This is a few Redken products that i use-

  • Ringlet 07- This stuff is wonderful! It is a serum used to keep curls in and it works like a treat. I have naturally curly hair so i use this product alot along with-
  • Fresh Curls-  this is a curl refiner and it de-frizzes curls and is alot great! 
  • Real control conditioner- No this stuff is magic! It totally transforms your hair and replenishes dry hair and smells fantastic too as it had added shea butter. The Mask is fairly expensive but is great if you need to get some life back into you head of hair!
  • Extreme Iron repair- great for straightening along with-
  • Ultra- straight balm- both work wonderfully together!
  • 15 Spray starch- this is a heat memory styler and is great for straightening also. 
  • Extreme CAT- this is a protein reconstructiong treatment for distressed hair which is great for getting protein back into your hair especially if you use heat products on it. 
Nail Polishes

I love love love Models own and OPI! They are both fantastic nail polishes and work like a treat! both brands come in a wide variety of great colours and actually last on your nails! I have had a hard time with my nails and they break so easily so I have recently started wearing nail polishes to help grow them! I found out this trick by Imogen at Foxy Locks Hair extensions- if your not a member of her blog yet you should be!-
Anyway these are great products and certainly worth the money if you want pretty long nails :)

Well I hope some of these products have interested you, i strongly recommend any of them! they really are fantastic! :) xxx


  1. You use some top quality products!!
    I use Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner once a year (as in, I use it until the bottles empty) to get my hair in tip top strength!!
    With the Clinique anti blemish range, is it drying at all? I have combo skin, an oily nose, but if I use products FOR oily skin, everything just goes flakey..
    Write back if you can :)

  2. Hey Hun, I find that it can be fairly drying on the cheeks but i use the dramatically different moisturiser for that. what i do is use the anti blemish moisturiser in the morning and then the dramatically different moisuriser at night instead (or vise versa) and that really helps!! its great stuff but i have to say i love the face wash the best but it all makes your skin soooo soft!! hope this helps hun :) xx