Sunday, 28 February 2010

Im Totally GaGa over Gaga!

 Lady Gaga is without a doubt one of my idols! She has fantastic style, is totally out there and just makes everything just a bit more interesting. I find her incredibly fascinating to watch and is clear puts a great deal of time and effort into her performances and outfits. I think the fact that she is so different from everyone else out there is very inspirational, she makes it great for other girls out there to think "yeah i don't look like every other girl out there... and who cares!" She also has an amazing voice and definitely shows it to the limit in her performances when she sings with her piano and shows the variation in her voice.

Her hair is always great and i love the variations she has with it in all her video's and live performances



The fame Monster is without a doubt one of my favourite albums, although i think she could have put more songs on the album as she had recorded others, fantastic albums never the less. 
 She also has amazing tattoo's! They are all really unusual and make her a bit more interesting.

She has in my opinion, started off getting other celebrities experimenting with a crazy style,and i personally think its great, it makes things a lot more interesting and puts across the idea they have spent a lot of time thinking about it

She also designs all her outfits and the sets for her performances and certainly had the eye and imagination for it!

During the BRIT awards 2010 when she won 3 awards,she cried each time she went to receive her award and she genuinely seems like a nice, decent, down to earth woman which i think we need more of! And her performance was fantastic doing 'Telephone' and 'Dancing in the Dark' my two favourite songs off the fame monster... so i was happy =D
And the hair and outfits were awesome!! 
Overall i think she deserves every moment of her fame and really am looking forward to seeing more from her and fingers crossed a new album! I am so jealous of everyone seeing her in concert but next year i will definalty be there!! I just think she is truly inspirational to all people out there!

What do you think of Lady Gaga?



  1. I sure am, from the Burgh.....

    i love GAGA...............

    peace & love xx

  2. i know this isn't the right post to be talking about it, but i'm so envious of your makeup box! it's not just because you have a box.. of makeup, but what's inside is just to die for. i love your blog so i had to follow you :)

  3. LOVES the Gaga. And that Hello Kitty one is just amazing!


  4. I have to be honest she is too crazy for me but i really like her music!! :) Cant get bad romance out of my head! :D

  5. I love Gaga! Her albums always playing in my car :) xx