Sunday, 2 May 2010

7 Products I Couldnt Live Without ♥

 The first thing i couldn't live without is moisturiser, I'm obsessed! Especially now that i have found clinique moisture surge extra, i couldn't be without it! Its ammazingg!! :)

I honestly have the lightest eyelashes you could come across so mascara is a must have for me! I look like a boy with no make up so this is my make up essential :) I love loreal lash telescopic too, i have been using it for ages, it totally lengthens and thickens your lashes :)

I suffer from quite dry lips so vaseline is something i have on me pretty much all the time, there is nothing quite like soft lips!
I suffer from blemishes on my t-zone area and concealer is something i would keep on me for touch ups and to even out my skin tone a bit more. I love this concealer, it gives great cover and matches my skin tone perfectly :)
Neat and tide eyebrows, need i say anymore?

I freeking love this! Its Mac mineralize skin finish in candlelight. I use it as a highlighter and colour to my cheeks if i don't have blush on me.It gives off a gorgeous colour and would highly recommend it to anyone!

Aussie is my life savior when it comes to my hair! I am obsessed with having soft hair and this is definitely the product for me :) i love love love it! I leave the 3 Minute miracle conditioner in my hair for as long as possible, generally over night and it is soft soft soft after :D

So these and my must have products, Are any of them yours?

Lots of Love Cat xxx


  1. I love these items, like all of them!!! :D


  2. I love most of these things too :D XO

  3. So I'm new to twitter and I had remembered reading a while back when you had joined..i'm following you now and I hop you follow me too :)
    love reading your blog, so cute and girlie

  4. Great blog! Vaseline is definitely a necessity! xx

  5. Great picks! Love your blog.
    Check out my blog!
    Xoxo Veronica

  6. I love love loveeee Aussie hair products! Mac's select cover up concealer is amazing too :)

  7. Lovely blog sweetie! Reading your post has made me really miss Aussie shampoo! I must stock up on those the next time I'm in London.

  8. snap - i cpuldnt live without any of them xxx