Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Hills, Hills, Hills! :)

The past few days i have had time off college so I've decided to have a few days rest and just chill out so I have been watching my Hills box sets :) And i am obsessed with it! Its either a programme you love and you're hooked on or one you just care for at all.

I was soo gutted when Lauren Conrad left at the end of season 5 and replaced by Kristin Cavallari, Have to say not a massive fan of her, although i do like her hair haha. 

 I love going back and watching all the seasons from the start because you can see how much some of them have changed. I dont think Lauren and Audrina have changed much but Heidi on the other hand...

 How Much has she changed?!? That's what money and plastic surgery does for you!

Then she started dating and marrying Spencer... God does that boy Annoy me! He's the type i
would looveee to slap if i had the opportunity! But hey, they seem happy in their own world and he is alot better now than before so good luck to them... 

I am in love with the fashion! Especially Laurens and would love to get my hands on some of her fashion line. One day i might :) They also always have fantastic hair, skin and make up all the time. Occasionally you might see Lauren with the odd blemish but who cares! Its refreshing :) Audrina had the most amazzing skin and brilliant white teeth, i really think shes beautiful, well they all are. 

And i love Whitney too, her sense of humour, edgy fashion, natural beauty and her height! :) But she left to do the City :(
Out of all the girls i have to say i relate most to Audrina because of her relationship with Justin-Bobby... Been in the exact same position with someone pretty much exactly like him, anyhoo, there relationship was up and down and she was always getting messed around but he was under her skin. I felt for her most out of all the girls. Fashion wise and personality wise i would relate myself more like Lauren, just love her fashion!

Out of all the boys in the show i have to say i like Brody, definitely funny and i still think to this day after Lauren leaving and all is girlfriends that they are meant to be together! There so cute and on screen anyway worked well :) 
Well that was my wee discussion about the Hills, I love it! :) And will continue to keep watching it as long as the seasons continue. :)

Do you like The Hills?



  1. gotta love the hills.
    im sorry to say i've been team kristen ever since laguna beach.
    i was so obsessed with laguna.
    i even have a team kristen shirt from hollister.
    but i still love lc just as much!
    she will always be LC to me.

  2. I love The Hills! I've been watching it ever since Lauren left Laguna Beach (used to watch that as well). So much drama - I just can't resist it!! :D

    I think the Heidi storyline is really interesting, she ended up brainwashed when she met Spencer though...

    Audrina is gorgeous and totally cool! :D

    Lauren is adorable. I love her style, her hair and makeup...everything!


  3. Thankyou for the comment on my blog I'm following you now :) follow back?

    Hope you're well


  4. i was obsessed with The Hills for a while too...something about the catty fights and dramatic relationships draw us in lol and justin-bobby is pretty hot lol


  5. I love the Hills! Definitely agree with you that its just not the same since Lauren left.Its so weird going back watching old seasons coz some of the characters have changed so much. Can't wait for the new season! x

  6. LOVE the hills its crazy!!!
    Lauren and Whitney are my favourites :) <3

  7. justin bobby is very hot! :) Thanks for the comments girlies :)

  8. I love The Hills! I totally agree that it hasn't been the same since Lauren left and it annoyed me that there wasn't an explanation on the show as to why she'd left.
    Justin Bobby has been hot this season though! I still don't like him as a person or that stupid tattoo but he's one sexy boy! x

    P.S Thanks for joining my blog. It seems we both love the same things - The Hills, Cheryl, make-up, hair etc!

  9. I love love love The Hills!
    Great post lovely xx

  10. i love the hills! i met lauren a looooong time back when she was on laguna beach.. she was in a nightclub my brother use to work at. She was amazing looking, even way back then!

    I love your blog and I would love it if you checked out my blog! i just started it recently :)