Friday, 5 March 2010

Mini Mac Haul :)


I fancied a wee shopping spree in mac today and got some great goodies :D
 I have been urging to get  a new foundation as i am searching for that 'flawless' look and a foundation that matches my skin colour- I succeeded! Woo Hoo! 
Studio Sculpt SPF 15 in NC15
I have only used this today and i love it so far! It covers any imperfections really well and sometimes i wont need to use concealer which is great too! I also has SPF in it too which is great when you have such pale and sensitive skin like my own. And it keeps the wrinkles away :) The colour pretty much matches my exact skin tone which is good because i am sooo pale!! It has added moisturizers in it too apparently so it gives off the dewy look which i was hunting for with a foundation... I hope i have found a winner! 

Select Cover up Concealer in NC15

I have yet to properly use this myself but from what the girl in MAC did when applying it it looked great! I hope i can achieve the same results :) 
Blot Powder in Medium 
I have an oily T-Zone so this has been working a treat today! It has really kept my make up in place and is banishing oilyness that is usually about. I really do love this and i can wear it some days if i dont want to put all my make up on and just want a light coverage. And it comes with a wee sponge too for when i got out and dont want to take a brush... Handyness :) 

Sun & Moon Mineralize Blush

I love this! It has got such a nice sheen to the skin and gives you a nice glow and will definitely be wearing this on a regular basis. Gives my skin a nice summery glow on my pale skin :) 

 Overall i love these products and i am become a bit of  MAC fanatic! :)



  1. Hi! I love your blog - especially the readheads! I too am a fellow redhead and it's good to see some appreciation going on! :D x

  2. great haul! im definitely thinking bout getting the select cover up concealor! i have the moisture oneand studiosculpt, but the moisture one is TOO sloppy and the studioscuplt needs warming up to blend properly! neither is good for on the go touch ups!

  3. love the promo card in the plastic bag :-)
    and your blog is amazing :-)

  4. Oh that sun and moon looks lovely - I like anything that give a glow but dont like too much glitter. IS this very glittery?

  5. @Happy1234 no its not that glittery at all, i usually put highlighter on top of it too just gives that nice sheen to the cheeks :)xx