Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Just a little update

So, it have been somewhat ages since i last blogged properly! This blog has been about for a few years and its just something i have never stuck to properly! I do think that blogging can be time consuming and this is probably the main reason why i always seem to leave it. 
Well, i want this to change. I love blogs, reading them, looking at everyone's beautiful pictures and well, just being a little nosey! I like finding out everyone's opinions on brands and products and whether or not something might suit me personally.

As it has been so long, i thought i might update you all on whats been happening in my life, honestly not very much but here it goes. 
Probably the biggest and most achievable thing i have done in the last few years is get my degree in Hospitality Management. Hospitality, as you all will know, is one of the biggest industries out there, and even though being in this particular industry can be challenging, i am glad that its something that i'm qualified in. Its something that can potentially take me anywhere in the world and is something i can use anywhere! Its however not what i would like to stay in for the rest of my days. I'd love to be involved in the beauty industry somewhere, make-up artistry in particular, the idea of being surrounded by make up all day and being artistic in different ways, on different people is my idea of heaven, but that could just be my girly side talking. But for the time being i need to be a little more realistic and try and progress in the current job i'm in and maybe someday i will try and venture into doing something in the beauty world- A girl can dream! 

For all the other changes in my life, I decided to make a huge life style change and become a vegetarian, probably a good year and a half ago now. It still does have its difficult times but i am so proud of myself for not eating meat. I will be honest in that i am not always the strictest of veggies. I don't eat meat which is the most important part to me but i do however occasionally eat fish, which i know some of you will think is cheating but it is just whats easiest for me at the moment. Cutting out meat was easy for me as my dad is also a vegetarian and i love quorn and other kinds of meat substitutes out there. I also have decided to try my best to become cruelty free. A lot of it is trial and error and a lot of research is needed to be put into it but thankfully there are some wonderful bloggers and you tubers out there that make it so much easier! 

I also live in a flat with two boys which can at times test my stress levels! One of them being an old friend and the other my brother... So as you can imagine, lots of arguments! 

I am also at my happiest at the moment, and yes, you have guessed why... A Boy haha! Its a new relationship this year but has been the best year! Couldn't be happier with him. 

The most recent thing i have decided to do is join the gym! I am seriously lacking in fitness and a bit of weight loss and toning wouldn't do me any harm either! So expect some posts on updates on how I'm getting on! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

There isn't much else that's worth letting you all know about, i probably didn't need to tell you all that i did but was just a wee update on whats been going on. 

I hope your all well, please feel free to drop a comment to me, would love to speak to you all! 
Take care,
Cat xxx

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